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Energetic Portrait

Explore yourself & thrive thanks to Human Design

Understanding who you are is the necessary start to your journey.

It’s the inner map you need, to explore your life path consciously, making sure you’re going in the right direction, the one designed for you.

It gives you clues regarding the lessons you need to learn to harness your unique talents.


Far from trapping you into a fixed version of yourself, this portrait is a moving picture of your innate potential.

It’s also a call to discover your conscious & unconscious patterns.


Here are the usual insights you get during an energetic portrait:

  • Your energy potential – how you’re uniquely wired and how to harness your potential
  • Your decision process – how to make sure you’re ALWAYS going in the right direction
  • Your innate gifts – what makes YOU truly unique and how to use them
  • Your social frequencies – what you can learn in your relationships with others
  • Your well-being needs – how your body, mind & soul are working together
  • Your internal resources – where they are located and how to tap into them
  • Your life purpose – what it is and how to embrace it
  • Your life lessons – what you are here to learn and how to make the journey more enjoyable


To create & study your energetic portrait, I use the wonderfully insightful system provided by Human Design. 

To create an accurate portrait of you, at the moment of your booking, you will be asked your exact birth details :

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth (exact)
  • Place of Birth

Knowing your exact time of birth is particularly important as a few minutes can change your energetic profile considerably.

If you don’t know your exact birth time, I invite you to consult an astrologer to do a birth time rectification. 🙂

Once I have received your exact birth details, I’ll create your chart and will analyze it in preparation for your session. This usually requests a few hours of my time.


Our session will last 1h.

As it is a lot of information to process, make sure you come rested and open.

Understanding & accepting your body & soul pace will be our main priority during this session so I’ll invite you to let me know if you feel like your energy is going down.

It will mean that your body has stored enough information and now needs time to process it. 🙂

Accepting your individual rhythm is the best way to restore the dialogue with your body & your soul. 😉

Thank you in advance for respecting your uniqueness.



To make the most of our session together, make sure you come fully rested and that you are in a comfortable & quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed.


Technical details

We will meet via the video conference platform Zoom.

Once your booking confirmed, you will receive a link to join me in an online meeting room at the time of our session.

You will just have to download the Zoom software as requested to join me online.

I also advise you to use a computer or a large tablet as I’ll be sharing my screen with you to show you your profile and it won’t look great on mobile.

Please make sure to test your webcam & mic in advance as I won’t be able to help you with this and it would reduce our time together.


Video Recording & Energetic Chart

After our session, you will receive a link to download your recording as well as a copy of your energetic chart, as presented during the session.

Please allow at least 3 days to receive your link & chart. 😉


Your energetic portrait will cost 100€.

If it’s easier for you, you can pay for your portrait in 2 instalments.

Please note that I’m continually training in Human Design so this price might be subject to change to reflect the experience & knowledge acquired as well as the research & analysis work required.

When booking your session, you’ll receive by email my bank details to pay by transfer.

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