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Thank you!

I’m super excited that you decided to join the course!

Tarot is a fascinating tool and the fact that you’re willing to learn to read it intuitively tells me a lot about you.

Together, we are embarking on a journey to explore yourself and to deeply reconnect with your Soul thanks to Tarot.

How thrilling!

* * *

What happens now?

To access the course, you will need to have a Teachable account on my school as this is where your course will be delivered (creating an account is free!)

For now, please sign up for a free account on my Teachable school (free)

If you don’t already have a Teachable account, you will be asked to create a password for your account.

You just need to sign up, create your free account and that’s it!

No need to buy the course another time, don’t worry!

* * *

As soon as I will check my emails, I will manually add you to the Intuitive Tarot course on Teachable.

Please make sure that the email address you’ve used to pay is functional as you will receive all my emails including your access to the course in this inbox. 

If you have any questions or would like to change your email address, contact me as soon as possible at

* * *

Please allow 24 hours for your access to be sent via email as I add students manually at the moment (I’m in NZ so it might night time for me while it’s day time for you ;)) .

Once I have added to you to the Teachable platform (the platform on which the course is available), you will receive an email to inform you that you have been enrolled in the “Intuitive Tarot” course.

To access the course, just log into the platform by clicking on the link provided in the emails I’ve sent you. You will then be redirected to it.

If you have ANY issues with this, feel free to contact me through our FB Group or via email at 🙂

* * *

You will now receive a first email from me to confirm your admission as a student in the course!

That email will also explain how to join our private “Intuitive Tarot Reader” FB Group.

In there, you will meet the other students of the course and will be able to talk about all things Tarot.

You will also be able to find play dates to practice intuitive readings on each other. 😉

* * *

To make the most of your course, make sure you have a Rider-Waite inspired Tarot deck (a 78-card deck with 22 major arcanas & 56 regular/minor arcanas) as well as a small notebook to journal your Tarot practices. 🙂

Take as much time as you need to complete the course as you now have unlimited access to it.

More content & bonuses will be added over time so stay tuned!


* * *



While you’re waiting for your course access to hit your inbox, why don’t you check out my Free Resource Library?

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