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Intuitive Tarot

Learn how to read Tarot intuitively and never use the booklet again!

I started using Tarot cards a few years ago, beginning with my Vision Quest tarot (a Thoth-inspired deck) and got completely addicted to it.

The insights I was receiving from this Tarot deck were amazing.

I could feel my connection with the deck going deeper over time.


At first, I was interpreting the cards by reading the booklet provided with the deck.

The messages were empowering but I was completely dependent on the booklet and I thought that I had to memorize the meaning.

It was starting to be a bit exhausting.


I then adopted a new deck, the Thelema and this time, the booklet didn’t resonate with me so I found a new way of connecting with the cards… using my intuition.

I have since then adopted two other Tarot decks and a bunch of Oracle decks (#cardjunkie).


Tarot is not just a divination tool.

It’s actually a mind-blowing self-analysis tool.

That’s how I mainly use it… though sometimes, the deck clearly wants me to understand something and there’s some sort of “magic” involved, haha.

It has been such an incredible journey and I have learnt so much about mySelf, my Human Self as well as my Soul Self thanks to Tarot that I am now drawing cards once, twice sometimes three times a day, for myself as well as with clients!

I would like to help you create that deep connection with yourSelf as well, using the cards as an intuitive tool!

Introducing the Intuitive Tarot course

How this course works

This is an entirely self-paced course that will teach you how to use your intuition to read Tarot and get the most amazing insights!


Practicing is the key to progress so you will have plenty of opportunities to practice!

Exciting, right?


In this course, we will cover:

  • Brief history of Tarot
  • Different types of Tarot decks
  • Choosing the perfect deck
  • Self-analysis tool or prediction tool
  • Communicating & connecting with each card
  • Traditional meanings & interpretations of the Major Arcanas
  • Traditional meanings & interpretations of the Suits
  • Traditional meanings & interpretations of the Numbers
  • Understanding card associations
  • Choosing a spread & creating your own spreads
  • Using your Tarot to communicate with your Soul

+ BONUSES (more content will be added over time, based on the feedback you will share in the ideas box at the end of the course)

By joining now, you will get unlimited access to:

  • Intuitive Tarot course

A self-paced course to learn how to read Tarot intuitively & never use the booklet again!


  •  The Circle of Intuitive Tarot Readers

A sacred space where you will find fellow intuitive readers to discuss all things Tarot, train your intuition with the regular games I’ll post & find playdates to exchange readings with!


  • More content will be added over time

At the end of the course, you will find an idea box where you will be able to add your questions & suggestions for new content!

Right now, you can get access to this course for


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