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Connect with your Spirit Guides

Online Video Training

Learn how to connect with your Spirit Guides!

During this recorded training, you will learn how to:

  • Tune into your Soul to open up the door to divine guidance
  • Meet and connect with your Guides
  • Recognize your Spirit Guides’ energy signature
  • Learn more about their specific role in supporting you on your path
  • Understand your unique way of connecting with your Spirit Guides
  • Understand your Spirit Guides’ messages and nurture the relationship with them

The training lasts 2h15 and was recorded in November 2018.


Once your purchase has been received, you will receive the access to the protected page containing your training video.

Check your inbox as I’ll send you an email with the password to use to unlock that page! 😉

To make the most of this training, don’t put pressure on what you expect out of your meeting with your guides and instead come with an open mind!

Our Soul is way easier to tune into when we’re in a playful, creative & chilled state of mind! 😉

Prepare yourself a snack and a glass of water.

Take a few deep breaths before starting.

* * *

Enjoy your experience,


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Feel free to share the fun with your friends as they might be curious about it as well!