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The Journey

The Journey | Soul-Driven Life

The Journey

A 3-month program to explore, accept yourself & reveal your Soul wisdom

How would you feel if you ALWAYS knew which road to take, which decision to make?

How would you live if you could ALWAYS rely on your inner GPS?

If no matter the storms that were coming towards you, you knew how to ride through them?

Trust being your forever companion.



That’s what a Soul-Driven Life is. 

It’s an inner knowing that guides you through the challenges in your life and towards what’s best for your well-being.

It’s that little voice that tells you to turn right when your Tom-Tom is saying left.

It’s that sense of calm that invades you when you’re making the right decision.


It’s not an obscure concept.

It is what remains when you get to the core of who you are.


It is the essence of you.

In this life, we all do the best we can to thrive.

Listening to your own guidance means having continuous access to your Bliss Map.


Your Soul is the part of yourSelf that is connected to the Divine, the Sacred, the Universe, God, whatever you want to call it.

It always knows what’s best for you, which roads to take, which decisions to make to create the life you were born for.

By learning to listen to this voice, you get a direct access to this unlimited wisdom and unconditional love.


Are you willing to listen? 


If the answer is yes, I invite you to join me for a 3-month journey in the depths of yourself.


During this Soul Journey, we will: 

  • Explore your Soul frequency, how and when it talks to you, how to listen to it
  • Unravel who you truly really are, innate gifts & weaknesses included! (not just the social mask you use in society)
  • Reveal the way YOU were born to thrive, reading your unique Bliss Map
  • Reconnect your mind, body & Soul so that your Soul claims back the driver’s seat.


All along this journey, I will act as a mirror to endlessly remind you to: 

  • Be 100% honest (with yourself and of course with me, your journey companion)
  • Be 100% responsible for your words, deeds, thoughts & frequencies, positive or negative.
  • Accept yourself fully, with your strengths & shortcomings because this is what makes you perfect!
  • Allow yourself to be YOU, no matter how quirky or strange you might be because your uniqueness is needed!
  • Dig deeper, never again being afraid to face your shadows

Introducing The Journey

This is not a one-size fits all program.

It is an entirely personalized & interactive program.


No two spiritual awakenings are the same.

Each one of you has a unique background, a unique story, a unique sensitivity & a unique set of intuitive skills!


Accessing your Soul Wisdom is a very personal journey.

It requires you to test & learn, to trust & have fun with the process, have fun with yourSelf.

That journey will lead you deep into yourSelf, to identify & remove the issues, fears and blocks that cloud your connection with your Soul.


During these 3 months, we are going to fine tune your intuitive receptors & explore which tools & approaches resonate with you the most.

This will require a lot of practice, an open heart, an open mind and a good sense of humor!

When you open up your intuitive senses, you realize that the Universe is an awesome trickster, haha!

It’ll be challenging and fun, you’ll see!


Step-by-step, you will discover how to trust yourSelf as well as develop your awareness & receptiveness to your Soul messages.

Together, we will find the answers & guidance that are hiding inside of you.

The 3 steps

A comprehensive, personalized process to embrace your Soul wisdom




During 3 months, you will get access to:

  • 6x Fortnightly Soul Revealing Sessions (with me, your Journey Companion! ;D)

A combination of intuitive guidance and pragmatic tools to help you reconnect with your Soul voice


  • Unlimited Email & Whatsapp Support

I’m holding your hand all along the way. If you ever feel the need to reach out to share something or ask a question or simply, if you need a boost, a reassurance or some unconditional love & support, I’m here! Just an message away. 😉


  • Free Resources

A platform of content entirely created for you, on demand, on a wide range of topics, from Tarot cards to Grounding, to Spirit Guides & Channelling Preparation… 🙂


Join the program & get access to these bonuses

Soul Reading | Soul-Driven Life
  • 1h Introduction Session (value – 140€)

Upon starting our journey together, we will meet to discuss your current situation, your dreams, constraints and the necessary steps on your path.

  • Intuitive Tarot Course (value – 47€)

Learn how to use Tarot to enhance & trust your Soul voice

  • Connect with your Spirit Guides Workshop (value – 47€)

Meet your guides & learn to recognize their energy signature, their specific role, your unique way to communicate with them and how to nurture the connection


There are two possibilities of payment.

You can either pay in full and save 178 € or you can choose the 3-month payment plan which will consist of one payment of 800 € on the day you join the program (once your application has been accepted and I send you your invitation), then 2 monthly payments of 800 € each. 🙂


Prices are in euros.


2222 €

Pay in Full & SAVE 178 €


3 x 800 €

3 Monthly Payments of 800 €

How to Apply

I only accept a limited amount of clients at the same time to make sure I can be fully present for you.

The Journey is by invitation only.

I only accept clients who have done their Energetic Portrait with me beforehand as it’s a necessary step for me to know you and understand what your life path is made of. 🙂


You can book your energetic portrait here. 


Once we’ve met for your energetic portrait, I invite you to book your discovery call using the button below. 

During this call, we will make sure that you are ready for a deeper exploration of yourself and that I am the companion you need for this journey. 🙂

Embark on a fascinating journey inside yourself

Do you feel that this program resonates with you?

Do you feel inside yourself the wonderful potential you could unlock over these three months together?

Ready for me to hold your hand along the way and provide you with focus, guidance & of course, unconditional love?

(See, I’m already enticing you to listen to your gut, haha)



Let’s chat and see if we’re a good match! (make sure we have done your energetic portrait beforehand ;))


Thank you very much in advance for respecting your own authority & Bliss Map.

I can’t wait for us to reveal your magic!


Ready to embrace your Soul wisdom?

Let's chat!

Intuitive Tarot

Intuitive Tarot | Soul-Driven Life

Intuitive Tarot

Learn how to read Tarot intuitively and never use the booklet again!

I started using Tarot cards a few years ago, beginning with my Vision Quest tarot (a Thoth-inspired deck) and got completely addicted to it.

The insights I was receiving from this Tarot deck were amazing.

I could feel my connection with the deck going deeper over time.


At first, I was interpreting the cards by reading the booklet provided with the deck.

The messages were empowering but I was completely dependent on the booklet and I thought that I had to memorize the meaning.

It was starting to be a bit exhausting.


I then adopted a new deck, the Thelema and this time, the booklet didn’t resonate with me so I found a new way of connecting with the cards… using my intuition.

I have since then adopted two other Tarot decks and a bunch of Oracle decks (#cardjunkie).


Tarot is not just a divination tool.

It’s actually a mind-blowing self-analysis tool.

That’s how I mainly use it… though sometimes, the deck clearly wants me to understand something and there’s some sort of “magic” involved, haha.

It has been such an incredible journey and I have learnt so much about mySelf, my Human Self as well as my Soul Self thanks to Tarot that I am now drawing cards once, twice sometimes three times a day, for myself as well as with clients!

I would like to help you create that deep connection with yourSelf as well, using the cards as an intuitive tool!

Introducing the Intuitive Tarot course

How this course works

This is an entirely self-paced course that will teach you how to use your intuition to read Tarot and get the most amazing insights!


Practicing is the key to progress so you will have plenty of opportunities to practice!

Exciting, right?


In this course, we will cover:

  • Brief history of Tarot
  • Different types of Tarot decks
  • Choosing the perfect deck
  • Self-analysis tool or prediction tool
  • Communicating & connecting with each card
  • Traditional meanings & interpretations of the Major Arcanas
  • Traditional meanings & interpretations of the Suits
  • Traditional meanings & interpretations of the Numbers
  • Understanding card associations
  • Choosing a spread & creating your own spreads
  • Using your Tarot to communicate with your Soul

+ BONUSES (more content will be added over time, based on the feedback you will share in the ideas box at the end of the course)

By joining now, you will get unlimited access to:

  • Intuitive Tarot course

A self-paced course to learn how to read Tarot intuitively & never use the booklet again!


  •  The Circle of Intuitive Tarot Readers

A sacred space where you will find fellow intuitive readers to discuss all things Tarot, train your intuition with the regular games I’ll post & find playdates to exchange readings with!


  • More content will be added over time

At the end of the course, you will find an idea box where you will be able to add your questions & suggestions for new content!

Right now, you can get access to this course for


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