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Every morning, I have this little ritual where I put myself in front of the mirror.

I first say all the things that I love about myself, then I do my EFT practice to release what needs to be at that moment…

Today, I wanted to share something new that I added to that little ritual and that made me access to a whole new level of self-healing.


* * *

The Ho’oponopono prayer is a Hawaiian ritual used for self-healing.

It works in four phases:

Accepting that you are responsible for your life and the things that happen in your life. You’re not just a spectator of it. You are the creator of it and thus, can change what needs to be.

Probably the toughest past for me. Be gentle with yourself and surrender to your imperfections. It’s ok to make mistakes. You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be you.

???? THANK YOU ????
Being grateful opens up your heart to see the blessings that surround you and most importantly, that are within you. You’re not perfect, yes for sure but you’re beautiful anyway. Thank yourself for being who you are now. You’re exactly the person you need to be.

???? I LOVE YOU ????
Oh… this one!
Loving yourself is the key to unlock your true potential. Recognize how much yourself with all your wonderful flaws and qualities. You are lovable. So love yourself unconditionally.

So, I was there in front of my mirror, doing the four phases.
I must admit I didn’t necessarily followed the right order. I did it my way and man, oh man, when I reached the I’M SORRY & PLEASE FORGIVE ME part… I just burst into tears!

I actually transformed the PLEASE FORGIVE ME into a I FORGIVE YOU because it makes more sense to me and I feel empowered that way.

There are so many things that we need to forgive ourselves for in order to acknowledge how much we love ourselves.

A few examples of mine:
???? I forgive you for not being as wealthy as you thought you would be by now
???? I forgive you for not being as thin as you thought you would be by now
???? I forgive you for ot having your own home as you thought you would have by now
???? I forgive you for taking your time and resting. 

I was in front of my mirror, listing all the things I forgive myself for and that was INSANELY POWERFUL.

The connection I had with my soul at that exact moment was PURE LOVE.

I’ve decided to keep including that practice into my mirror ritual as it really moved me deeply and unlocked a new self-love potential.

* * *

Would you try it with me?

Today, take 5 minutes, just 5 minutes!

Lock yourself in the bathroom and put yourself in front of your mirror.
And do the Ho’oponopono prayer.

If you burst into tears, that’s ok.
Embrace it and let the emotions pass through you.

Don’t be afraid of the process.
Trust that it will make a difference.
Trust that you’re actually healing yourself and learning to love yourself unconditionally.

Below you’ll find a Free Ho’oponopono Prayer for you to print & put in a place where it will make sense for you.

And just do the work because that’s how you unlock a happy life. 

Let me know how it went in the comments below.

Sending you a big hug, 


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