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Recently, as I was mindlessly browsing a second-hand book app to find inspiration for my next read, I stumbled upon a book that immediately triggered excitement and infinite curiosity: The Soul Families by Marie Lise Labonté*.

It’s a book written in French by Marie-Lise Labonté who I believe is originally from Montréal, Canada.


Channeled in 2001, it describes the 13 different soul families as well as the various positions (or roles) a soul might have in its family.

As I was reading, I could feel a deep resonance with one of those families (The Crossing Guides for me) and I could recognize my friends & loved ones as belonging to some of those families as well.

Although attempts to put people in boxes should always be taken with a grain of salt and we should take the time to see if, how and to what extent we resonate with them, I still found it incredibly validating to see how mind-blowingly accurate my current purpose & personality were with the description that was made of the people affiliated to my “Crossing Guides” soul family.


For this post, I’ll only explore the different soul families but I might do another post later about the positions INSIDE a soul family if that interests you. 😉

Reading this book, I didn’t feel like it was BRAND NEW information.

It more felt like a confirmation of something I had always known.

I thought it could be interesting to chat about those soul families as exploring them has been so incredibly validating for me.

It has really allowed me to fully acknowledge, accept & embody one of my life purposes (I don’t believe in us having only ONE single life purpose…) as a member of my soul family (eg. I am part of the facilitators family ;))


The book was published in French but you’ll find the description of the soul families translated below in English.

As this was channeled by Marie-Lise Labonté from Angels’ teachings, the language is mystifying and/or grammatically perplexing.

I’ve tried my best to remain as close to the original text as I could but at times, I had to rephrase, reorganize or cut a few sentences that wouldn’t have made sense in English. 😉

Please bear with me as it’s also currently 39°C outside and just 2 of my neurons remain unmelted & functional…

Also keep in mind that all this content was channeled by Marie-Lise Labonté and therefore, entirely belongs to her and not to me. 😉


Finding your soul family

When exploring these soul families, I invite you to pause after each description and breathe deeply to feel if that specific soul family resonates with your own soul or not.

Only YOU can know which soul family you belong to.

Others might have ideas but YOU need to resonate with it so while you might ask your loved ones to help gear you, I encourage to start the exploration on your own first.


You ONLY belong to ONE family.

So you might be resonating with more than one family or none at all at first.

As you evolve within your soul family, you might be visiting other families.

But you can only belong to ONE family. 😉


Allow yourself to feel & test each one of them if you struggle to find yours.

Over time, one will stand out more than the others.

It doesn’t have to be an immediate breakthrough.

It might take a few hours, days, weeks for you to reclaim your place in the vast scheme of souls. 😉


* * *


The Soul Families 

Although there is no hierarchy among the soul families, I’ve numbered them for readability purposes.

There are 13 soul families:

  1. Masters
  2. Healers
  3. Warrior Healers
  4. Shamans
  5. Healer Teachers
  6. Warriors
  7. Fairies-Alchemists
  8. Communicators
  9. Teachers
  10. Crossing Guides (Facilitators)
  11. Conscience Initiators
  12. Pillars
  13. Mechanics


You’ll find the description more in details for each one of these families below.

Note: You can click on each one of the families above to be directly redirected to its section on the page. 😉 


1. The Masters

The vibrational color of this soul family is GOLD.


These souls are here to initiate the movement.

When the Masters incarnate, if their personality allows enough transparency, they can become leaders, and start movements, either in the light or in the shadow **.


The Masters can lead, transmit, show the way, initiate the movement, embodying love & humility (or choosing the opposite).

Although, because of the density of incarnation, it’s possible that many times, the Master’s soul has asked: “Please, allow me to initiate the movement.” and their personality resisted it or discarded it… until they are 54 (random!) and decide to finally let go & accompany this vision of initiating the movement, no matter which shape it’s taking. There’s no judgement on this.


The Masters don’t need a title to know who they are.

In their core, in all the cells of their physical envelope, they are Masters, not only of their life, but also of everything they’re touching, and with it comes great responsibility.


One of the Masters’ incarnation tests is the Ego and its appetite for power and manipulation.

Some might see this as a burden, others might refuse the Master’s role and/or responsibilities, disrespecting its energy & creating distortions through their actions.

For these souls, choosing to incarnate requires a commitment.

If the personality chooses to wander instead, the soul will gently (or not) force it to commit to its purpose.


The strength that the Master’s soul carries when it incarnates can make everything around it explode, breaking all the surrounding structures to allow perfect alignment with its purpose.

Many entities are waiting for the Masters, to receive their Initiation.

The Masters open up the path as they are pioneers.

In this family and among other souls, you can find all the Ascended Masters.


They shouldn’t be scared of manifesting material abundance in their life, as they will need this to center them &  lead the way.

The Master’s strength can express itself both in not doing or in doing.

If the Master manages to stay centered & calm, it can have a tremendous impact because the vibrational force that lives in the Master’s soul is such that the Master could only say ONE word in its lifetime and it would be the right word, said at the right time, in order to serve the collective.

NB: Sounds a lot like the Manifestor type in Human Design, don’t you agree?

* *


2. The Healers

The vibrational color of this soul family is EMERALD GREEN.


The Healers form a very large & important family in its size as it contains a LOT of souls.

So much so that, in the past***, its original core split to form other families with their own cores.

It now contains multiples cores.


The Healers carry the healing energy and can heal in various ways. 

Those souls have received many initiations through their hands, heart & conscience.

The healing energy is present in each one of their cells.

They shouldn’t try & go chase this energy in other people or through magic potions.

They carry it themselves.

When these souls casually lay down their hand on a friend’s shoulder, on a plant, the healing energy comes through & does its thing.


It’s urgent that the Healers awaken to this reality. 

Some tools can amplify it, and the various initiations they’ll receive in their lifetime can increase the expansion and transmission of this healing fluid they carry.


Not only do they carry this healing energy, but they can also channel it & transmit it around them. 

Even though this healing energy acts without the souls even realizing it, its capacity can be amplified when they become conscious of it.

Even if they wanted to block this energy, the wouldn’t be able to.

The healing gets automatically transmitted.


It’s very easy to recognize the members of this soul family because they all are resisting healing.

They were born into it but they have difficulties recognizing it, thinking they have to find it outside of themselves, thinking others have more healing abilities than them.


Just like Masters, one of the tests that await the Healers is the Ego, the inflated or deflated Ego of the Healer.

They tend to over-estimate or under-estimate themselves.

Their soul is very vibrant, very potent thanks to the healing energy, and it’s easy for the personality to take over & misuse this.

However, they are not victims, it’s just something they have to learn in this incarnation.


They heal everything they touch!

Not only do these souls heal humans, but they can also have the ability to heal plants, animals, objects you might think inanimate…

Many Healers suffer from various afflictions because they don’t recognize the healing fluid inside of them. 

The more they resist their abilities, the more they develop illnesses.

Resisting this healing energy creates blocks that manifest in this incarnation with physical imbalances.

Why is this family so important? 

It seems to be very popular in the soul realm.

Many souls who are being born from the Source seem to choose the Healers family and many have chosen to incarnate on Earth at this time.

Why, do you think?

Could it be that your planet needs healing?…

* *


3. The Warrior Healers

The vibrational color of this soul family is EMERALD GREEN, with a tint of AMBER, so AMBER GREEN.

Those souls were, just as all the other ones, born from the spark, the Source!

They then chose to join the Healers family and had such a strong dedication to the energy that, when the Healers’ family split, they gathered with other souls to create a family that would be responsible to protect the healing energy in the various realms.

They became Warrior Healers.


Their identity is strong. 

They are, to a degree, responsible of the alignment of the healing energy where they are incarnated, whether it is in the soul realm, on Earth, on Mercury, or in the Arcturian realm…

Wherever they incarnate, they align the healing energy, protect & defend it if there’s an attack from incompatible energy.

They act where it’s difficult for the healing energy to penetrate.


The Warrior Healers have a great sense of responsibility.

They have to be careful as they can put a lot of pressure on themselves and position themselves as the “saviors”.

This is one of their tests in this incarnation.


While incarnated, they need solid foundations and are able to manifest them. 

These souls often need & use strong specific symbols: rings representing this, necklaces representing that…

They can relate with each other through a specific code/language and often wear tattoos. (NB: this part is a bit outdated as everyone has tattoos nowadays! It’s not because you have a tattoo that you are a warrior healer. ;))

The Warrior Healers are very robust as they underwent “an initiation” with the Warriors family to anchor the warrior part of themselves, the healing warrior. 


The Warrior Healers are the guardians of the healing energy in the Universe. 

Where there’s a distortion or misuse of the energy, they are present & act, whether from the soul realm or incarnated in the physical plane.

Those souls make sure that the channeling of healing energy is always based on love.

* *


4. The Shamans

The vibrational color of this soul family is GREEN mixed with ORANGE.

From the Healers family was also created the Shamans family.

This family is still evolving, not entirely stable in its movement as the possibility of another split still exists.


These souls have chosen to accompany the Shamanism energy on planet Earth, among other things. 

They constantly balance the planet’s energy with the interplanetary energies.

They are not necessarily incarnating as Native Americans. 

The Shamans can be Russian, Croat or Chinese.

There is no belief system in the soul realm


The Shaman is the vibration that the soul carries and use in order to help the Earth and all its components to go through healing, and align their vibrations (NB: this is very hard to translate as it’s quite abstract). 


These souls carry the energy of transformation. 

They have the ability to transform the physical envelope, to transmute an internal organ and its crystallization (?), to transmute a plant to use its properties, always in order to support & serve the healing energy.


It’s perfectly normal for the Shamans to carry the healing energy and use it in the transformation & transmutation of the planet vibration, as they originally come from the Healers family.

There are many souls in this family. 

They can recognize each other and communicate telepathically.

They need to anchor themselves in very specific places to serve their purpose.

And they know how to use these places to activate the Earth’s healing process.


If they knew how to use their soul’s identity, without judgement, they would be able to travel through space & time with their physical envelope. 

One of the challenges they might experience in their incarnation is to get stuck in their physicality, to become too heavy! 

Not in terms of their physical weight of course, but in terms of their personality density.

They might forget that they possess the fire of transmutation, forget who they truly are, forget the healing energy they carry, forget they are healers, transformers.


These souls use rituals & symbols in their daily life without even realizing it. 

It’s urgent that they become conscious of the signs that have been placed on their path and that they respect more the elements that surround them: water, earth, fire, sky, air, cloud and so on…


The Shamans constantly use their physical envelope. 

Negating this could create vital energy leaks: hair loss, teeth loss, nails, skin problems…

These souls always carry the healing energy, are constantly transforming & their physical envelope is their channel, their tool.

* *


5. The Healer Teachers

The vibrational color of this soul family is DEEP BLUE-GREEN.


These souls teach healing in all its shapes & forms. ALL its forms. 

In their incarnation, they talk about healing, teach healing, no matter who they are in their incarnation.


However, will the Ego allow this transmission?

Even if the Ego doesn’t allow this, the Soul will push through.

Their identity radiates from their skin pores because they exist far beyond their Ego. 

(NB: It is not mentioned whether these souls originate from the Healers family or the Teachers family. I think it’s really a mix of both and not just one family origin with an initiation in the other family, as for the Warrior Healers for example)

* *


6. The Warriors

The vibrational color of this soul family is AMBER.

This family doesn’t originate from the Healers family.


The essence of the Warrior is to protect. 

However, the soul doesn’t incarnate with an armor.


The Warriors are the guardians of the energy, whether it’s coming from shadow or light.

For these souls, grey zones don’t exist.

When they choose this purpose, they protect the vibration of the light, protect the vibration of the soul. 

Though, you might observe that the Warriors tend to play the role of saviors in their incarnation.

But when the Warrior’s soul recognizes itself past the third dimension (3D), it can act without trying to save the whole planet.


These souls need the incarnation, whether it’s on Earth or elsewhere. 

They have to manifest compassion through the density of the planet they incarnated on.


This family’s action plan is to defend, work, act to counter the shadows and protect the soul realm.  

This purpose is grandiose, as it’s an act of unconditional love, however perfectly anchored.

Many souls in this family forget they are “celestial”, transforming themselves in bodyguards, using weapons, entering in the second dimension (2D) and getting lost there!

You might easily recognize the Warriors in that they are not very social people.

They tend to be gruff and withdraw in their own armor.

However, they are always ready to defend or even save.

You will often find them learning the martial arts, because these arts carry the same warrior energy than their soul family and heart is very present in these arts.

Incarnating is a very delicate process for this soul family and at the same time, a very important crossing.

Even if you feel like the personality has created important armors around these souls, know they are filled with love.

It is part of the learning process to maintain that energy of love whilst also embodying the warrior, the guardian, the defender, the protector.


7. The Fairies Alchemists

The vibrational color of this soul family is PEARL PINK, with a tint of FIRE RED.

In the soul realm, there’s a very peculiar family, the Fairies-Alchemists.

These souls incarnate on Earth to spiritualise matter.  

Some of them are very close to the angels, because their density, even though they are in the family’s core, isn’t very dense.

Those souls are very light.

It might seem that they flutter through life.


They have a lot of difficulties to integrate their physical envelope and often resist the incarnation. 

They have the ability, in their physicality, to dematerialise everything they touch.

They could pass through doors with their physical envelope, that’s why they have so much difficulty with keys, or door knobs as they tend to forget they don’t need them.

They spiritualise everything they touch, directly elevating the vibratory rate. 

Where there’s density, the Fairy-Alchemists acts by emitting waves from their body.

From the very first moment they are incarnated, they begin their action.


These souls can seem to be in the moon, completely absent from their incarnation, that is how you might picture fairies.


They have chosen to incarnate, not that they like density (on the contrary) but they are here to help transmute matter.

We could say they are living transmuters.


They have the ability to dematerialise many things without knowing it, that’s why, in the end, they sometimes have the feeling they lost these items. That’s a joke but that example, though taken to the extreme, is not far from their reality.


The Fairies-Alchemists also are under the impression that they are very anchored although they are hovering in the air.

They have difficulties to see the difference between what’s above and what’s below.

Thus, their main challenge in this incarnation is incarnation itself.


However, knowing who they are, they can use their powers and work in healing, communication, or any other job, all the jobs in the world.

They can transmute everything they come in contact with, transmutation being the activation of a vibratory state so that it loses its identity to melt into the Divine. Love is the ultimate tool of transmutation.


Why are the souls incarnating on Earth right now? (Marie-Lise Labonté channeled this in 2001… but still relevant! ;))

They have a telepathic & verbal teaching to share: “Wake up dear souls, you can spiritualise matter.”

 * *


8. The Communicators

The vibrational color of this soul family is ASH BLUE & PEARL BLUE.

These messengers communicate, conveying love using many different expressions: creating art, singing, writing, playing on stage…


There are many souls from this family incarnated right now on Earth. 

You’ll find them in all trades: writers, poets, journalists, singers…


These souls recognize each other, partly because they don’t have an attachment to physicality. 

That doesn’t mean that there’s not, for some of them, an attraction to material things.

However, the majority of these souls are focused on one goal: communicate, make their message accessible, no matter the form, whether it’s through a song, a dance, arts or writing… Everything can be used to communicate.


These souls are also recognisable in that they are not necessarily very anchored, and because of this, they can easily lose themselves through drugs. They have a lightness that doesn’t help their incarnation.

For them, physicality doesn’t matter much.


What matters for them is the art of communicating and artistic expression. 

In this family, you’ll find many artists who, through the incarnation & the perils of the personality, might forget that they are Communicators, not necessarily in the way your society believes they should be.


* *


9. The Teachers 

The vibrational color of this soul family is DEEP BLUE.


These souls teach, everything that can be taught, all kinds of knowledge, of experiences.

They teach love, light, the loss of illusions, listening, the importance of experiencing the present moment…

It’s a family that possesses two nuclei, or cores, two filters, one stabilizer and two peripherical strips.

(Those are the “positions” you can have within your soul family. I’ll do a post about this later if you’re interested.) 


However, this soul family is currently stable though eventually, it’ll have to split, thus creating two soul families that will in turn become stable.

Some souls will choose to experience this split to offer even more precise & direct action.

Associated with this planet evolution, we can say that this split could happen between 2020 & 2040.

If the transmission of knowledge becomes distorted, the soul family might split to create a new soul family to protect the energy of knowledge, Warrior Teachers as was the case for the Healers family with the Warrior Healers, protecting the energy of healing.

The souls in this family possess & transmit the energy of knowledge.

This energy is directly linked with their identity.

They are, as incarnated souls, in a constant quest of truth, knowledge and are always eager to share.

They are also the guardians of the knowledge that is transmitted on the different planets.

We could call them the “guardians of the threshold“.

This family handles our baggage, the accumulation of knowledge in the whole universe. 

They have proficient in consulting the akashic records, within their psyche, where are located deep levels of knowledge.

On Earth, you’ll find them studying numerology, the Khabbale, the ancient texts in Sanscrit, all in order to pass on the knowledge to others.


They are easily recognizable as sharing knowledge through teaching fills them with great joy. 

They don’t need a teacher label.

They naturally are teachers, constantly channeling the energy of knowledge?


Thus, when they discover the identity of their soul, they can download much unknown information and share them. 

They sometimes need to manifest physical places to share their knowledge.

So, if you feel that need, don’t question it and manifest them.

* *


10. The Crossing Guides (Facilitators)

The vibrational color of this soul family is VERY PALE VIOLET, with a tint of WHITE.


This soul family comes from a split of the Healers family. 

Though now, they are not linked to the Healers family in any way.

It’s now a very stable family and this stability is essential to its purpose.

The Crossing Guides have a very specific purpose: they help souls cross the various vibrational gates they have to go through. 

They are very close to the Angelic & Archangelic gates, to the Ascended Masters’ gates, and from the parks, the Source.

On Earth, They facilitate the various crossings & transitions you might experience on this planet: going from childhood to teenager, changing jobs, being born or dying. 

They assist with all these evolutions.


These souls have only gone through ONE vibrational gate.

That’s why their identity is less strong than other souls’ identity.

Indeed, they have to constantly maintain the necessary transparency to fulfil their purpose in the soul realm, helping souls cross from spark to soul, and refine their identity.


The Crossing Guides also help the Shamans in balancing their transformations & crossings in the soul realm.

They are very busy.


They have the ability to often be in communication with the soul realm, also at night.

While they are incarnated, they might say “I’ve worked a lot during the night.”.

And that’s indeed true because they are constantly working.

So it’s very important they take good care of their physical envelope.

They are very nostalgic of the soul realm. 

Some might even have a lot fo difficulties to handle this state and can get lost into it.

They might use drugs and other abusive substances to soothe this nostalgia, not knowing what to do with it.

Many of them might be tempted to quit this physical realm and go back to the soul realm, and directly return to being a Divine spark because the vibrational identity of souls doesn’t matter much to them.


They are always bordering the world of non-identity, the Divine nothing, and this can be confusing, especially while their soul is incarnated. 

As they are extremely fluid, some of them will try to create a certain gravity with their physical envelope to avoid the fleeting of their soul.

Some will have a very very thin physical envelope, almost transparent and will need to maintain their anchoring through their thinness.

They need to anchor themselves deeply to become aware of their identity as Crossing Guide.


These souls always want to help other souls.

Every time a soul needs them, you just have to call them, and they’ll come.

They have great availability, night & day, to help souls and can sometimes get lost in the role of saviour.


It’s very common for a Crossing Guide to attract wandering souls, who don’t have an identity or have lost it, because they recognize them from the soul realm.

They were also the ones who have helped them fine-tune their vibrational identity.

They are Love Crossing Guides and only love can nourish them.

The rest doesn’t matter much to them.

* *


11. The Conscience Initiators

The vibrational color of this soul family is a NON TINT, a transparent luminosity.


These souls incarnate for a short period of time &  come to ignite an awakening in the collective consciousness of the planet they incarnated on.


These souls are present during massive crossing points, in places where there are earthquakes, incidents, tornadoes…

They initiate a consciousness evolution and their own departure from Earth.

They come back and they leave again.

You can find them among people who were killed or tortured in mass, leaving Earth through tough, very violent phenomenons.

It might seem crazy for a closed mind. But open your consciousness.

These souls serve the evolution of the entire planet.

* *


12. The Pillars 

The vibrational color of this soul family is SILVER.


There are not many Pillars souls incarnated on Earth at this time. 

Those who are constantly communicating with other planets.


These souls’ density is very strong.

When a Pillar sits next to you, you immediately feel their presence.


These souls come to root celestial planes into the depths of the Earth, recreating the connections between sacred sites all over the planet, without necessarily realizing it.

These souls act wherever there is matter, or planet.

They are very busy and will keep being busy as they always balancing, connecting, stabilizing the energies, creating new energetic circuits, especially on planets that are experiencing important evolutions, such as the Earth right now.

The Pillars souls come to anchor the Divine energy of the Source in the physical plane. 

They incarnate in strategic locations around the globe and literally act as pillars.

Wherever they are, they create, channel and organize the interplanetary meridians. 

Sometimes, they struggle to move from a location because they have a very specific purpose where they decided to incarnate.

And sometimes, they are called to places where they are needed.

It’s entirely possible that their Ego doesn’t understand why the soul is pushing them to go to Yucatan or Tibet.

One of their challenges in their incarnation concerns their physical envelope. 

Because their body is very solicited for their action, they have to be careful in terms of nutritional balance, mineral intake, protein intake, vitamins & amino acids. It’s vital!


This family contains 15 nuclei, which gives it a great mutative & transmutative strength.

It looks like a ship.

In the future***, there’ll be a split in the soul family but not for a while…


The Pillars wander through the soul families and overlook the energy movements. 

They are always in contact with the Divine, soul realm.

That’s why this family need so many nuclei to propel itself through the Universe.

When these souls choose to incarnate, they need a physical density. 

Often, their bodies are stable, because they need exceptional muscle & bone structures, very different from other soul families’ physical envelope.

They need the physicality and know very well how to use matter, manipulate it, and transmute it.


They might resemble Shamans or Healers but they are not the same at all. 

Their purpose is to heal planets, interplanetary & interstellar universes.

The Pillars create energetic networks so that energies such as the healing energy, the energy of knowledge and rays can come through and impact the planets & stars.

The Pillars know the soul families distinction by heart as they have the ability to receive their energy and help them to lower their vibratory rate, thus facilitating their manifestation in the planet’s density. They are the guardians of those universes.


* *


13. The Mechanics

The vibrational color of this soul family is GOLDEN BROWN.


There is no adequate terrestrial word to describe this soul family.

The Mechanics incarnate to fix the planet.

In other words, they are healing agents in mechanics & repairs of the planetary grid.


In their terrestrial family, they often incarnate alongside Pillars and Shamans. 

For example, in a family, there might be Mechanics parents with some children being Shamans and others Pillars and together, they act.


Those souls take care of the Earth’s soil, the elements contained in the soil, in the air, in the atmosphere, hence the name “Mechanics”. 

They can seem to have a physical identity that’s very far from this soul purpose.

However, you’ll often find them with their nose close to the soil.

They feel the need to look after the Earth, and for example, plant trees where there are none anymore.

In the soul realm, the Mechanics fix the energy that surrounds everything, like a magnetic veil.

These souls will fix, if there’s a wound, the energetic tissue where we can find all the energies mentioned above.

This family only has one nucleus and is very stable. 

It works closely the Shamans family.

Their actions are quite similar, without necessarily mixing them together.

There are a few incarnated Mechanics on Earth at the moment. 

You can find them in groups whose aim is to protect the environment, the Earth’s crust, its forests…

Some of these souls act through healing, others in communication, others again in writing.

However, they all feel an urgency in helping the planet to restore itself.


For the Mechanics, the physicality is VERY important, not in the sense of material gain, but in terms of living on the planet they have chosen to incarnate on. 

They love Earth.

Night & Day, they receive information about the planet they inhabit, as well as information on planets where their “brothers & sisters of the light” inhabit.

They have to let the messages come through them and not block them.

* *


* * *



This post is a personal translation of Marie-Lise Labonté’s channelings and book Les Familles d’Âmes (“The Soul Families“). You can discover more of her work here. 🙂


* This is an affiliate link. If you purchase on Amazon through one of my affiliation links, I will get a little commission at no extra cost for you. So thank you very much for this!

** This may make you react but remember that there is no judgement in the Source. Your soul is always free. You can decide to choose love & light or non-love & shadow. Either way, you remain connected to the spark/Source. 

*** Time is irrelevant in the Soul realm so “in the past”, “in the future” aren’t really making any sense. This conception of time implies that we live simultaneous lives, “past” lives, “current” lives & “future” lives in the NOW but our conscience on Earth has “continuous” access to only one of this experience. (Otherwise, the continuous conscious ubiquity would make us go crazy! ;D)

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