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I know you are extremely gifted. 
I know you have lots of visions, messages coming from all over the place, up & down, here and there.
I know you sometimes don’t know what to do with them. 
I know it’s overwhelming.
I know you’re just trying to help…


♥️ Ask for permission to the person concerned by your visions before sharing it with them.

Yes, you’re excited about the extent of your gifts and for good reasons!

But you have no right to interfere into other people’s life without their consent.

It’s not because you believe you understand what they’re going through that you DO understand.

You have NO RIGHT to step over people’s boundaries, even when those boundaries are not clear or not expressedly shared.

* * *

♥️ Be respectful of other people’s journey, pace & beliefs.

NEVER assume that because you see it, you have to deliver it!

Learn to be patient & FEEL if your visions are meant to be delivered OR NOT (Hint: Most of them are NOT!)

* * *

♥️ Use your discernment and your empathy & please, please, please keep your ego in check!

When you assume that because you see it, it means that the Universe wants YOU to share it with that person concerned then…

It’s not the Universe guiding you… it’s your EGO!

And it’s alright, we all have to deal with this super annoying dude in our head.

But when you notice it, take a deep breathe & tell it to go take a walk and to only come back when it’s done messing around with the Universe TV remote.

Always make sure that your Soul is the one in control… not your ego.

♥️ When you share your visions out of the blue to someone who never asked for it, it’s not your soul talking…

Your Soul doesn’t care about sharing these visions. 
Your Soul doesn’t care about the other person knowing what’s happening in your head, in your mind’s eyes, your mind’s ears…
Your Soul doesn’t care about showing the other person you know more than they do (cause let’s be honest, most of the time, that’s the hidden reason behind you sharing in the first place, hm…)
Your Soul trusts that the other person will get the message from the Universe if they need to. 
Your Soul knows that you’re only one of the infinite number of ways that message can reach this person.

♥️ Because at its core, your Soul knows that this other person is also directly guided by the Universe and that they can take care of themselves.

Your Soul is super relaxed. 
No rush.
No very important mission to save the world.

Your Soul just flows, gently, softly.

It surfs on the waves of energy that the Universe is lovingly & playfully sending its way. ????‍♂️????

♥️ Realize that what you see, feel, hear might NOT be the future…

It’s just ONE string of possibilities among an infinity of possibilites.

Nothing is ever predestined. 
It’s not because you see it that it will happen. 
It’s not because you see it that it’s real.

What you believe you see, hear, feel is ALWAYS filtered & shaped by your mind, whether you want it or not.

It’s filtered through your own set of beliefs, your values, your experiences.

Progressing on your journey means learning to differentiate what comes from your mind AND what really comes from the Universe through your body & Soul. 🙂

And it takes time, practice.

And it will never be perfect but it will be good enough if you keep having fun & practicing the refinements of your intuitive antennas…

You won’t always be right and that’s alright! Haha

* * *

When your visions about someone scare you, DON’T share them, EVEN IF you’re asked to.

♥️ Be a guide, not a fear-mongerer.

Your fears are YOUR fears. 
Don’t spread them to the other person. 
It’s your own shit to deal with. 
Don’t put that extra pressure on those poor people!

♥️ Restore your balance & get in touch with the Universal Love & Wisdom

Center yourself.
Ponder your visions.
Separate your own emotions from what you have perceived.

♥️ Get in touch with the core message behind the vision.

Don’t linger on the format.
Look for the overarching message & the silver lining.

Ask yourself HOW your vision will help the person you’re sharing it with. 
Ask yourself how they could make the best of it. 
Ask yourself how you could guide them to a better outcome.

I’m not saying you should doubt yourself.
I’m saying it’s worth taking the time to reflect upon yourself & decide what’s aligned with your Soul & what’s not. 😉

♥️ Be open to the possibility that you’re wrong… and that’s ok!

Refining our intuitive gifts is an endless exciting journey, no matter if you’ve been consciously psychic for a year or for ten years.

* * *

To sum up… chill the fuck out & don’t take yourself so seriously! 😀

Love you. 

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