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I’m now a Reiki Master.

I passed my Reiki 3A certification a few weeks ago.

Prior to the class, my wonderful teacher Ann asked us to reflect on our journey with Reiki, where it had led us, how our relationship with this magnificent energy had evolved as well as the milestones we could identify…

It was so delightful to look back in time and observe how Reiki had transformed my life for the better.

I discovered Reiki a bit randomly in 2017, through a few Facebook groups members I was following at the time. These people were practicing & offering Reiki, praising its benefits on their life and health in particular. At the time, I was going through the end of my long-term relationship and I needed some stability, some support & some love.


So, in May 2017, I went to pass my Reiki level 1 certification.

I could feel the energy pumping in my hands immediately. What a strange sensation you get when you focus your attention on the energy going through you for the first time.

I was feeling invincible. Was I now able to cure myself from any disease, stress, or trauma that could appear in my life? I was suddenly feeling much more in control of my life. I must admit I was quite naive at the time and mostly driven by my ego.


Little did I know that it was only the beginning of my journey with Reiki.

I started practicing Reiki on myself everyday. As I was housesitting full-time after my break-up, I was also practicing on the animals I was looking after, observing puzzled the impact on their attitude, as well as on my relationship with them.

They were much more trusting, coming for cuddles when they were previously shy or chatting when they were previously suspiciously observing me from afar.

Practicing Reiki on animals has been such a wonderful exploration and I still practice it on the animals I’m looking after, even if a bit less often than in the beginning because the way Reiki interacts with me has changed over time.

Practicing Reiki really helped me reduce my stress levels, feel in sync with my body & prevent my ego-mind from going


At the time, I was looking for any way I could to practice Reiki.

In Mars 2018, I found a new way to give and practice Reiki on humans.

I started offering free Reiki sessions to entrepreneurs in a conscious co-working space in Auckland.


A new layer of the Reiki magic unfolded.

I was now having spiritual experiences during my sessions.

I was seeing colors, beings (spirits, living & dead beings), scenes, experiencing feelings, observing traumas & nodes in the people I was offering Reiki to.

At first, I didn’t share what I was experiencing with my patients, thinking I was completely crazy but when I felt confident enough to share what I was seeing, I realized that most times, I was spot on! WOW!

I decided to pass my Reiki level 2 in April 2018 and this time, I went to it with a different approach. I was not looking for more control. I was looking to serve even more the people I was practicing Reiki on.


Despite this seemingly benevolent mindset, I can now acknowledge that there was still a lot of ego hidden in the background. I wanted to know more, to feel more, to become a Reiki MASTER, to overcome disease forever, to cure the world and what… get rewarded in some way? Silly, right?

I was not entirely conscious of that. We have a way of duping ourselves into thinking we’re doing things for the greater good when we’re being selfish… right?


After my level 2 certification, I noticed slowly but surely a change in my approach. I was becoming tired to offer Reiki for free. I didn’t want to deal with people who were looking for a quick fix and who were not valuing my time & energy anymore.

It’s pretty easy to notice people who are not committed to feeling better or who are not valuing your time & energy:

  • They are only looking for the free stuff AND/OR
  • They cancel at the last minute.

I felt like I needed to put boundaries and recharge myself more often. So I stopped giving Reiki for free. I was done.

Not with the energy itself but with giving too much without receiving equally.


I needed to explore Reiki on my own for a while. To reconnect with it.

I felt like continuing on that path and giving free Reiki to people who were just looking for a quick stress release was not for me. I wanted to help people transform their life from the inside out, not quickly but steadily, for the rest of their lives.

I myself was slowing down on my spiritual journey. Since my abrupt spiritual awakening in 2013, everything had been going so fast. It had been so powerful, so amazing & scary at the same time. I had so many weird experiences that I was feeling like I had been running a marathon for 5 years without having taken the time to breathe…

I was now ready to slow down and digest what I had learnt on the way.

I was ready to let go of my need to progress, FAST, AT ALL TIMES.


That’s when my relationship with Reiki really transformed.

I stopped trying to prove something to the world. To prove that I was worthy? That I was helpful? That I was a good person? What was I trying to prove anyway? Haha

I started to experience something really different with Reiki. I didn’t need to call it anymore. It was coming to me on its own.

It was not just in my hands anymore. It was in my whole body. It was all around me. I could feel it outside of me as well. It was everywhere. It was love. Love as energy.

I could feel it in the trees, in the ground, in the air, in the people I was attracted to hang out with.

My life was still unstable but somehow, I was making peace with the struggles I was living externally by feeling peaceful inside of me. I was not forcing anything to happen anymore. I was LETTING GO of the control.


I KNEW I would soon get out of the struggle.

I had FAITH in me. Faith in my capacity to work harmoniously with the Universe, with others, with myself. To say “no” when I didn’t want to go a certain way and “yes” when I was feeling called to.

Last February, I decided to pass my Reiki master level but it took me a while to feel like I was ready to pass it.


After having wanted to become the “MASTER” of Reiki for so long, I was now feeling humbled, almost not deserving of its powerful, loving nature.

Weirdly enough, it’s probably because I wasn’t feeling entirely ready that I was indeed READY to become a Reiki master (still following me, haha?).


Being a Reiki master is not about how much Reiki you feel, how often you give it to others, how impressive you are.

It’s about how you have embodied Reiki, how you spread its energy to the world just by BEING who you are.

It’s not about perfecting your Reiki practice every day anymore. It’s about living by its philosophy: spreading joy, going back to the essence of your life. It’s about unconditional love. At any given time. With anyone. In any circumstances.


What’s funny is that it’s been a few weeks now since my Reiki master certification and only NOW, do I realize that this shift has slowly been going on inside of me.

Only NOW, do I notice that this steady need that I’ve felt to remove the clutter in my life, to donate “stuff”, to get rid of old patterns, old fears, old dramas, old stories has actually started two years ago, right after my Reiki level 1 certification.


I’m done with the drama. I want simplicity. Honesty.

If something is not working, it’s not working. I’ll let it go and will find something better and that’s ok.

If it’s not perfect, I’ll make peace with it. I’ll embrace its imperfect beauty as long as it makes me happy.


I think I’ve finally learnt to surrender…


Reiki is so soft & playful!

It teaches you softly, without forcing you. It’s that sweet-natured & unconventional teacher that will let you find your own way out, giving you hints for you to find but letting you decide what’s best for you.

It’s never aggressive, never repressive, always inclusive & loving.

Its flow & teachings adjust to your needs. It gives you exactly what you need when you need it.

That’s probably why I love Reiki so much.


I constantly feel unconditionnally loved, supported & guided.

I’m not one to look for a spiritual teacher. I much prefer learning on my own, even if it means going slowly.

I don’t like shortcuts, I do like wanders.

Reiki is the most fabulous companion to my wanderings.


The next level in my Reiki practice is supposed to be the Reiki 3B, the one where you learn how to attune others to Reiki & teach.

But I’m not there yet. I’m taking my time. I want to bathe in that sweet Reiki light on my own for a little while or maybe forever…

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