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“Why did you choose to become human?”

That’s the big question I asked myself today while I was lying down on my energy healer’s massage table…

While he was helping me restore the balance in my body and I was meditating, I caught myself crying like a baby wondering why I had chosen to incarnate here, in this body that I so often feel trapped in, and why I had chosen to experience life as a human, with all its traumas & pains…


I felt the sadness of being far from my original home & being trapped in this strange “human experiment” hitting hard in my stomach then climbing up to my heart, my throat and finally getting released with my tears.

❣  Why is it so hard to be human?
❣  Why is it not all sunshines, love and chocolate cakes?
❣  Why are all our life decisions so heavy of consequences?
❣ Why are we choosing to feed a society that doesn’t even promote our best individual & collective interests?

When I explore my inner world, I see & feel so much more than this 3D human life.

I see an infinite ballet of light & shadows dancing around me.

I feel beings of all shapes, colors, energies & dimensions living together behind my mind’s eye, evolving in all those exciting & intriguing worlds… worlds without physics, worlds without frontiers.

I feel the Universe inside each one of my cells and everywhere around me, all-encompassing & almighty.

So why are our human lives looking so small in comparison?

Why are most of us blindly chasing money, fame, security, social status, wearing false masks, avoiding truth, ignoring integrity & self-introspection and seeking happiness outside of us?

When all we need to do is to look inside ourselves to find the Universe & Unconditional Love.

Then, it hit me.

What if I chose to be human to connect with the Universe in a new UNIQUE way?

What if I chose to be human to be free to wander & get lost while exploring my connection to the Universe?

???? I could have been a goat. ( ???? )
????  I could have been a rock.
???? I could have been a tree.
???? I could have been a car, for crying out loud!

But I chose to be human because I wanted to be free to find my own way back to the Universe.

I wanted to experience the difference between making a decision with my head & making a decision with my heart.

I wanted to experience the difference between being a follower in a society that was never built for the benefit of ALL humans & being the lead actress in the story of my life, not caring about fitting in said society.

I wanted to experience love, pain, anger, shame, fear, surprise, envy to be able to choose the ones that would make me a better person, and be more of service to myself & to others.

I wanted to share about life, love & the Universe in my own voice and with my own words.

I wanted to experience pain to understand how to see the beauty in the smallest things.

I wanted to experience life as a human because I wanted to participate in helping humans ascend to the next level of their collective journey.

And to do that, I needed to understand what it means to live as a human.

Empathy & compassion are bridges between souls.

The best way to help & love humans is to understand their potential, their short-comings & their strengths.

So I had to live it myself.

And the fact that it’s at times so hard to be human becomes completely irrelevant.

Because it’s a choice I made to enrich my Soul journey and therefore, participate in the ascension & expansion of the Whole Universe, as a collective of Souls.

When I realized that, I felt calm & a deep sense of purpose invade my body.

I felt important & humbled at the same time.

I felt that life was actually not so complicated.

After all, I don’t have anything specific to achieve in this human lifetime.

I don’t have to DO or to HAVE anything specific.

I just have to live this life. And that’s enough.

Appreciate life for what it is.

Find beauty in the smallest, minimal things… (See what I did there? ????)


  • Herb Cohen says:

    Love your post as to why you incarnated as a human. I have learned I am an ET. Not a star seed, but a Pleiadian Archangel and part of the Pleiadian Elohim of the collective. So naturally I have many questions but first was why a human at this time? Should I be feeling human limitation if I have earned the privilege of knowing who I am? I learned that yes my humanity is my vehicle, limitations and all but this is the last of 68 such lives, a number of which I was prompted to visit and evolve from. My purpose is to learn about human suffering. I am the dot connector, connecting what I have learned from past lives as well as through the work I do as a trauma therapist. I have had to reconcile being a slave and surviving Hiroshima. I learned that the atrocity of Hiroshima was Divinely designed to be awful enough that humanity would never chose such again. It was necessary to keep earth from nuclear obliteration. I also learned I as a Soul chose to be part of that though my human incarnate was not happy and even renounced God. I learned that this was Divine Flow and I experience Divine Flow in everything before me finding oneness. My experience with oneness is now being advised by my higher self as a Pleiadian but with the understanding I am very human as well. It going to be interesting from here going forward.

    • Daude says:

      Oh, how much I love reading you Herb! Thank you for sharing your WHY. 🙂
      It’s funny how our personal Soul journey is like a puzzle.
      And suddenly, when half of the puzzle is already done, you start seeing the pattern behind, even if not entirely.
      It gives you more clues as to where to put the next pieces.
      I’m so excited for you and what you’re gonna discover further into your exploration. How rich has this human life been for you. So many breakthroughs!!

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