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Energetic-Portrait | Soul-Driven Life

Energetic Portrait

(Birth Chart Analysis - Human Design)

Your 1h energetic portrait will give you a very precise map of how you’re energetically wired & how to make the best of it.

Ciel Intérieur - Thème Natal

Inner Sky

(Birth Chart Analysis - Astro-Psychology)

Your inner self hides a planetary theater of heavenly characters.
Who is ruling them? Who is hindering or helping you? Let’s find out!

Solar Return

Solar Return

(Solar Year Chart Analysis - Astro-Psychology)

Every birthday, the Sun comes back to its natal position in your chart, revealing new initiations to embody.

Connexion Energétique / Relationship Portrait

Relationship Portrait

(Connection Chart Analysis - Human Design)

A duo session to support & nurture your connection thanks to Human Design.

The Journey | Soul-Driven Life

The Journey

(3-month Shadow Work program)

Want to explore the darker parts of yourself?
The “Journey” program is for you!

Free Resources | Soul-Driven Life

Free Resources

A few tools to help you discover new facets of yourself, bring a sense of calm or enrich your journey with new perspectives.

Your Journey Companion | Soul-Driven Life

Hi, I'm Audrey!

Your journey is unique & individual but that doesn’t mean you have to go about it on your own.

I’ll be your companion all along the way.

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My latest musings

Soul JourneyMy Intentions & Words for 2021
20 January 2021

My Intentions & Words for 2021

I love choosing words that will be themes to focus on all throughout the year. ⁠ ⁠ For 2020, I had selected "Pleasure" and it presented itself in a way…
Soul JourneyA guide named Bruce
21 August 2020

A guide named Bruce

Watching Springsteen on Broadway on Netflix... I'm blown away. I laugh. I cry. I had a pretty long outburst of tears during the segment dedicated to Clarence... Pow, every fucking…
The Soul Families - Soul-Driven LifeSoul JourneyDiscovering Your Soul Family
1 August 2020

Discovering Your Soul Family

Recently, as I was mindlessly browsing a second-hand book app to find inspiration for my next read, I stumbled upon a book that immediately triggered excitement and infinite curiosity: The…

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